Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide quality learning opportunities in a warm, safe and developmentally appropriate program.  The program promotes values of respect, thankfulness, wonder, care for others and a sense of self worth and a value of others.

Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children  The developmental needs of children are met through the program planning and room set up and the observation of children.

Social Needs: Children need opportunities to learn to interact with both their peers and adults in order to develop pro-social skills and be successful within their community.  The Early Years Pre-school provides activities and materials which encourage social development through social interaction. The educators themselves become come play partners to help role model prosocial behaviour.

Emotional Needs: Children need an environment where they feel safe, accepted, and respected.  The Early Years Pre-School program provides an accepting, secure environment in which children’s ideas and individuality is encouraged.  The program allows children the opportunity to learn to work through frustrations and express anger appropriately. Educators support by role molding and giving cues when needed by helping children communicate what they are feeling and what their individual’s needs are.

Intellectual needs: Children’s intellectual needs involve the need to explore, observe, understand and develop language and listening skills though their surroundings. To help meet these mile stones educators provide children with activities and material that stimulate their listening’s, observational, and language skill, mathematical and problem-solving skill. Educators role mode appropriate language while engaged in conversations with the children.

Physical Needs: Children need opportunities to develop physical skills and require adequate nutrition, rest, health and safety. To meet these needs Educators, provide time of the day or activities which develop both gross motor through ‘large muscle’ activities and fine motor skills. Manipulation of small materials and develop perceptual motor skills (i.e. body awareness, directional awareness, sensory development, body development and coordination).

Creative Needs: Children need opportunities for problem solving skills, self-expression, invention, discovery and experimentation through their environment.  The Early Years Pre-School provides learning opportunities through program planning, room set up, in-house visitors and community involvement.  The program allows children to use materials in open ended and teacher directed learning opportunities, explore possible solutions to various problems and give them opportunity to give feed back on the topics of interest in the program. Educators observe interest and communicate daily with the children in order to document interest on programing sheet.